11-11 : Memories Retold

Team : Digixart – Aardman – Bandai Namco
Engine : Unity
Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One
Duration : 1 year and 3 months

What I did
: Gameplay Programmer

I worked on : Camera tools, UI design and integration, Save system and also tools for level design. (See details below)

11-11 : Memories Retold is a third person narrative game that telling the story of two men from different sides going to the front during World War 1.



Camera :

  • Work with Cinemachine to create the camera system.
  • Multiple iterations on tools to allow level designers to script the cameras behaviour. At first the cameras were not supposed to rotate and had to always look in one direction for each character. Later in the project, we switched to free orbital cameras so the system and the tools had to be updated.
  • Creation of tools to allow level designers to adjust parameters such as camera distance, sensitivity, collision behaviour and blend between cameras.


Save System :

  • Design and implementation of the system allowing the player to restore his progression.
  • Design and implementation of the rules and tools allowing the level designers to define autosave points in the game.
  • Work with the programmers in charge of Xbox One and PS4 TRCs to maintain the system.


Architecture of narrative objects :

  • Collectibles : Creation of the collectibles system and architecture allowing designers and writers to define the collectibles images, descriptions, and locations in the game. The system also allow to define if a collectible is part of Warchild DLC (a additionnal content with more collectibles).
  • Letters from relatives : Creation of the system and architecture allowing designers and writers to create letters that the player will receive during their journey. It is possible to define a text, an image, and also to change the letter content according to the player choices.
  • Notes : Creation of the system and architecture allowing writers to create notes that the characters write in their notebook during the story.
  • Flags and story choices : Work on the system that allows designers to define how the game keep tracks of events happening during the story.


UI design and integration :

  • Work with Aardman team through multiple iterations to create the game UI for the title menu, menus for pause, objectives, pictures, collectibles, letters, notes, and also gameplay UI.
  • Creation of the UI system of the game.
  • Work with Unity UI system to create UI prefabs.
  • Creation of the system that allow the player to select narrative objects and read details about those.


Character Switch :

  • Work with a game designer to create the character switch feature allowing to change the playable character during gameplay (for example, switch from Kurt, the german, to Harry, the canadian).
  • Implementation of the feature and creation of the tools so that level designers can allow or forbid the player to switch. The tools also allow the designers to trigger an automatic switch with different parameters (character, type of transition) and register to character switch events.


Taking pictures :

  • Work on the system allowing Harry to take pictures in the game.
  • Multiple iterations on the tools allowing level designers to define targets that the player can take picture of.
  • Creation of the tools allowing level designers to trigger specific events according to the player behaviour with the camera (Did he enter the picture mode ? Did he took that picture ? etc…)
  • Work with a level designer to create a feature allowing Harry to send pictures to Julia during the game and to change the reply according to the picture he sent.


I also worked on many other tools to help designers script their levels with our visual scripting asset.




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