Antscape – VR – HTC Vive

Constraints : Ant-man theme, 1 month
Engine : Unity
Device : HTC Vive
Team : Maxime Neveu, Dimitri Roziecki, Manon Tardif, Nicolas Dufort, Maxime Demaille

What I did
 : Unity Development, Game Design, Level Design, Sound Design




Antscape is a VR escape game playable on HTC Vive. The game takes place in the universe of the movie Ant-Man (2014). Scott is training with his mentor Hank Pym who decides to lock him up in a room. Scott has to use his special abilities to find Hanks Safe and leave the room using his special abilities : changing his size and the size of objects.

Watch the walkthrough (Warning : spoilers !) :


Antscape was driven by three main goals :

  • Create an immersive experience
  • Allow the player to become Ant-man
  • Design a good puzzle

Those goals are useful to each other. Designing a good puzzle would get the player to master his powers and become Ant-man, and that would lead to an immersive experience.


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