Super Petit Pois

Engine : Unity
Team : Me
2D art : Inkscape
Sound design : LMMS, Fmod Studio



Super Petit Pois is a Shoot them up with Horizontal scrolling.

Download the game :

Super Petit Pois Demo

Watch the walkthrough :



Origin of the project

On my free time, I wrote and drew several chapters of a funny story taking place in a kingdom where vegetables are alive.


I wanted to bring my characters to life, so I re-drew them with Inkscape in order to put them into a game. My goal was to create a game prototype to play with my characters and to try for the first time the challenge of Game Design.

What has been done ?

At the end of the project, I managed to create a level where the player has to face a big flying ship protected by tiny robots and an evil bean. The player can transform himself to access special abilities :

Ninja mode : the player can summon to shadow clones that can shoot with him

Wizard mode : the player can summon a shield that will send back the shots to his ennemies.

I drew all characters and the city background. I also made some sound effects with Audacity and LMMS and I used FMOD studio to handle the uses of musics and sounds.





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